Ross Middleton Consulting

We work with business owners and entrepreneurs to plan their future and aid them in building, growing and organising succession or planning to exit their business.

The majority of our clients are in the SME space and unlike other advisors in this sector we are not just consultants, but a small team who have built, managed and sold businesses. Having walked the walk and not just talked the talk we are able to get to the issues our clients have and help them improve their own enterprise with a minimum of fuss.

Finding out what really motivates business owners and helping them to gain a clearer insight into their objectives, formulating their vision is a key part of aiding the development of their businesses.  Frequently understanding our key life time motives proves to be a liberating experience that enables the entrepreneur to grow in a much more rounded manner than they thought possible.

Our services include: start up guidance, business plans, coaching & mentoring, fund & capital raising, growth and development strategies.

Our strategic partners can provide a full range of corporate accounting, legal and tax support.